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The market leader in automotive HD maps.

Who We Are

Dynamic Map Platform North America, Inc., formerly Ushr Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd., a geospatial measurement and software company that creates high-definition map data for advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving applications.

DMP NA licenses automotive products under its Ushr brand, a name familiar to the industry since it was the world’s first HD map in mass production in 2017. The company has earned several awards for its industry-leading technology.


Building a high-precision location-based infrastructure globally as a foundation for a digital society and opening up a new future for autonomous driving and other industries.


To help our customers realize their most ambitious technology goals by building a global platform for high-precision geolocation information, which can be used as fundamental digital infrastructure worldwide.


We have a global mindset in everything we do. We innovate, move fast, and trust and respect our team and our customers. We bring new ideas and energy to everything we do. Bring us a challenge, and we’ll figure it out.


Dynamic Map Platform Co. was established in June 2016 as a joint venture between Japanese investors, map providers and vehicle manufacturers to begin underwriting and innovating in the world of high-definition maps and geolocation services. The first project was to provide high-definition maps to aid in autonomous shuttles at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. 

In April 2019, DMP acquired Ushr, a North American company that had established itself as the leading provider of HD maps for advanced driver assistance technologies. 

Ushr was a spinoff from GeoDigital, a civil-engineering grade utility-mapping company. In 2023, Ushr changed its name to Dynamic Map Platform North America.

Globally, DMP has mapped more than 850,000 miles (1.38M km) of roads and aims to have 1.2M miles (1.9M km) mapped by the end of 2025.