Lidar image on highway

Products and Services

As hands-free and autonomous driving technology arrives in more vehicles, DMP North America believes trust is essential to consumer adoption of hands-off driving technology. We support OEMs in increasing driver confidence in this new technology by providing reliable and accurate map data. We work diligently to avoid gaps or edge cases that may result in any loss of customer trust.

Predicated on ground truth and an absolute-accurate map, DMP NA creates products that are customer-centric, flexible, evolving, safety-focused, robust, and cost-efficient.

Our best-practices approach and attention to quality enables quick development, HD maps that are uniquely reliable and affordable, and provide the world’s most advanced driving systems with unparalleled confidence and superior vehicle control.

Automotive HD Map

In 2017, DMP NA’s HD Map product became the world’s first HD map used in mass production. The result of a decade of collaboration with OEM ADAS engineers, the HD map contains qualified features which establish the L2 ADAS system’s operational design domain (ODD), provide context to sensor fusion, and support intuitive handovers between driver and vehicle.

Highlights of DMP NA’s HD Map:

Lidar image on highway

Fully customizable options:


LIDAR photo of road

DMP North America’s software team continuously looks for new ways to improve our clients’ experience, development speed, and data compression.

ADM E-Horizon: Active Driver Map (“ADM”) e-Horizon software delivers lane-level detail about the road ahead of your vehicle for most-probable path planning. The road detail includes highly accurate 3D measurements of gradient, camber, curvature, and road features to enable precise vehicle localization, component optimization, and ride control.

ADM Features

ADM Data Store Update Module: On-Vehicle software to update the HD Map when there is a new map or software update.

ADM Data Store Update Management Module: In-Cloud software that determines the difference between the latest available HD map on the cloud vs. the current map on the vehicle, prepares the update package and pushes it to the vehicle.

Other Software Solutions in Production

Developer Services

In addition to its Maps and Software, DMP NA offers expert engineering services to clients’ ADAS and AV development teams.

Data Analytics for ODDs

DMP NA’s map database is constructed in a way that allows us to identify road segments with specific characteristics anywhere within the map coverage area. OEMs and Tier 1s can leverage this capability in order to do scenario planning with Operational Design Domain (ODD)
Some examples are:

Simulation for ADAS/AV

DMP NA can also export data in OpenDRIVE or .fbx file for integration into leading CAE simulation tools for ADAS and AV feature validation and testing.