Dynamic Map Platform Expands Mapping Operations to South Korea

DMP Korea will launch HD Maps, Software and Services for Automotive and Smart Cities

LIVONIA, Michigan (June 29, 2023) –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dynamic Map Platform, the world’s leading automotive high-definition map and software company, is launching mapping operations in South Korea as part of the company’s global growth plans.

“Our mission is to support innovation in a variety of industries by providing a high-precision HD data platform that replicates the real world in the digital space,” said Shuichi Yoshimura, CEO and President, Dynamic Map Platform. “We are going to expand the coverage of HD maps around the world and shape the digitalization infrastructure. “

“DMP is excited to expand our operations to South Korea to create and deliver best-in-class data for our growing customer base,” said Chris Thibodeau, CEO of DMP NA. “Our mission is to safely deploy autonomous technology, improve mobility, and create data which is important for smart infrastructure.”

DMP’s ‘ground truth’ roadway measurements and diverse set of map features are essential for L2+ ADAS functions. They also contribute to robust roadway modeling and analytics. DMP’s toolchain can accurately identify and map hundreds of road features. Observable road elements such as paint lines, objects, and traffic control devices, as well as virtual features like lane centerlines, trajectories, and virtual lane edges are critical inputs to safe, hands-off driving.

DMP is currently in mass production with multiple OEMs in North America and Japan. The expansion of DMP’s mapping operations into South Korea marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues to shape the future of transportation.

“We are in a great position to support multiple OEMs in South Korea,” said Duane Garwood, president of DMP Korea. “We selected an impressive partner, SolDrive, as our primary supplier in South Korea, which has allowed us to get up to speed quickly and efficiently.”

To learn more about Dynamic Map Platform, please visit www.dmp-maps.com. For commercial inquiries, please contact sales-korea@dmp-maps.com.

About Dynamic Map Platform

Dynamic Map Platform is the leading geospatial measurement and mapping company supplying HD maps and software for today’s advanced driver assistance systems and tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles. Prior to its acquisition by DMP, Ushr launched the world’s first HD map into mass production. DMP’s precise HD maps today continue to enable hands-free driver assistance that is uniquely safe and confident. DMP Korea is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Map Platform.


Sharon Carty, Director of Communications, pr@dmp-maps.com