Toshiyuki Shiga Named CEO Executive Advisor

TOKYO (May 29, 2024) — Dynamic Map Platform Inc. is pleased to announce the following executive personnel changes, resolved at the Board of Directors meeting held today. These changes will be submitted for approval at the 8th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, scheduled for Wednesday, June 26, 2024.

Directors Masayoshi Hosoya and Toshiyuki Shiga will retire at the end of their terms. Following their retirements, the number of directors will be reduced from the current five-member board (three full-time and two outside directors) to three (two full-time and one outside director.) Upon retiring as an outside director, Toshiyuki Shiga will assume the role of CEO Executive Advisor, providing the Company with advice related to the automotive industry.

Brief Biography of Toshiyuki Shiga

Directors Scheduled to Retire

Full NameFormer Position
Masayoshi HosoyaDirector
Toshiyuki ShigaOutside Director

New Executive Structure

PostFull Name
President and CEOShuichi Yoshimura
DirectorNoriko Aso
Outside DirectorHidekazu Suzuki
Full-time AuditorTetsuyuki Kato
External Audit & Supervisory Board MemberTatsuya Nakayama
External Audit & Supervisory Board MemberToshiyuki Ohashi
Executive Officer, Head of 3D BusinessHiromichi Amagai
Executive Officer, Head of Automotive BusinessMotoyuki Yamashita
Executive Officer, Corporate HeadKoji Yamada
Executive Officer, TechnologyYuzuru Fukuda