In the News: GM Ditches Carplay

This weekly roundup provides the latest news, trends, and updates from the automotive industry, with particular focus on self-driving technology and HD maps.

Inside look at GM’s decision to ditch Carplay

General Motors recently decided to stop supporting Apple’s CarPlay in future EVs, aiming instead to generate revenue from its own built-in infotainment services.  The move is viewed by many as risky, especially considering many US buyers have iPhones and expect newer vehicles to be CarPlay-enabled.  GM was nervous about Apple’s next-generation CarPlay taking over the instrument cluster, and that development is cited as the driving force behind the move.  Additionally, GM is focusing on subscription services like Super Cruise and internet connectivity to generate constant revenue streams.

Rivian receives $827 million in incentives to expand Illinois facility

Rivian Automotive said Thursday it received $827 million in incentives from the State of Illinois to expand operations at its Normal, Ill., production facility.  Right now, Rivian claims the facility is producing 150,000 units per year; with the addition of the R2 SUV, Rivian expects a total annual capacity of 215,000 vehicles.  Rivian states the state funding will be used for manufacturing expansion, improving public infrastructure, and job training programs.  

Car talk

2024 Chevy Traverse offers Super Cruise

Tesla lays off more staff in software, service teams

Nio on track to unveil mass-market production car

Volvo experiencing significant demand


US regulators struggling to grasp Autopilot

Tesla seals deal for China maps that Musk says cars don’t need

Luminar lays off 20% of its workforce

Self-driving 18-wheelers coming to Texas highways soon

AVs may not be ready for prime time

Cepton unveils proprietary LiDAR simulator

Other News

Gasoline demand growth to slow

Magna lags profit estimates

Self-driving trucks claim climate benefits

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